4 Features Of Bucket Teeth You Should Know

Modern excavators beeth are perfect for a variety of work, both excavation, and loading. This technique has many options for successful use. And the most important part of such a machine is a ladle because it is with its help that materials are loaded or the land is dug out.

casoki bucket teeth

What are the teeth for excavator buckets?

Excavator bucket teeth are those elements that most often wear out when operating a machine. They are represented by an adapter and a crown. This is such a component of the excavator, for which you need to constantly monitor and change as we wear. Different manufacturers have different wear indicators, but it’s customary to take the standard for approximately 500 hours. It turns out that such a replacement by technology is recommended to be done about once every six months. The tooth itself usually consists of a cutting part and a tail with special grooves (necessary for attachment to the edge of an excavator). For the cutting part manufacturers use alloy steel with high strength. The higher the strength of the material and the reliability of this element, the longer the scooping mechanism is able to last and the higher the performance of the excavator.

Fastening features

Bucket teeth (tooth system) can be attached in several ways:

  1. to the bucket with bolts;
  2. mounting mechanism to the adapter.

In the first embodiment, bolts with nuts are used, with their help they are fastened directly to the stern of the bucket (there are 2-4 elements for fasteners). It is this method of attachment that suggests teeth for JCB buckets. The second method, a paddle element, is placed on the adapter, and crowns are attached to it by means of a metal finger or rubber stopper. When worn, only the crown is replaced, and the adapter serves and is operated further. In general, the system of fasteners for the teeth of an excavator differ in:

  • brand;
  • fastening method (vertically and horizontally);
  • type of destination (quick-release universal and for different types of soil).

Specialists of our company, which has been successfully selling attachments for excavators for many years, advise: before buying teeth for loader buckets or excavators, decide on the mounting system. And choosing such a system, be sure to take into account the characteristics, method of attachment and the manufacturer.

The benefits of quality parts for excavators

Bucket excavator is used for a variety of jobs and purposes. Depending on what works need to be performed, its size is selected, as well as the number of teeth and the corresponding type. All this is done in order to reduce the wear and tear on the components of the base machine, thereby extending its service life. Using high-quality wear parts, you can achieve a lot of positive things:

  • reduced operating costs;
  • efficient use of the machine;
  • improved base machine performance;
  • elimination of downtime and loss of productivity;

We offer our customers to buy teeth for buckets, the price of which is quite reasonable. To take advantage of favorable conditions, it is enough to contact our company, experienced professionals will help with the choice and advice at any time. We can answer all the questions of interest to the buyer, individually select the necessary parts for your equipment. We are trusted manufacturers, with quality parts. You can contact and place an order at any convenient time.