Backhoe loader teeth

In the presence of a fleet of loading and excavating equipment, the point of the durability of bucket elements that are most susceptible to wear is extremely important. Indeed, in the conditions of working with abrasive soils, bucket reinforcement is a mandatory procedure. Wear from slip and impact, as well as abrasive wear, have certain requirements for equipment and its maintenance. Therefore, the teeth on the loader bucket and excavator, as well as other parts at risk should always be under scrutiny.

backhoe loader teeth

So what is the bucket tooth ? Usually, a tooth consists of a cutting part and a shank with grooves, which are designed to be mounted on the edge of an excavator bucket. In the manufacture of the cutting part of the teeth using high strength alloy steel. The greater the strength and reliability of an excavator bucket (or loader) tooth, the longer this bucket will last, and the higher the productivity.

Even with such reliable technology as JCB bucket teeth are erased quickly enough. The fact is that the teeth of the buckets of any excavators during operation are subjected to abrasive and others wear under strong dynamic loads. Wear occurs, mainly in the form of micro-cutting. As a result, this technique requires constant maintenance and, if necessary, repair. The most popular teeth are the JCB 3 CX (backhoe loader).

Usually, when repairing buckets, the adapter plate is replaced, the sidewalls are repaired, the bottom and edges are reinforced, the side cutters and connecting elements are installed. And of course, the excavator bucket teeth are being replaced, which in most cases is urgently needed. After all, these cutting elements are directly responsible for the overall performance of the entire machine. If the bucket is small, then it is usually equipped with forked teeth, which are attached with bolts. If we are talking about the restoration of the teeth of the bucket, referring to large-size, then, in this case, adapters and removable crowns are used. Different models have their own specifics, and the market is constantly filled with new technical proposals, but the principle of changing teeth is common.

The properly chosen protection system of your excavator is able to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your excavator for a long time. Do not save on spare parts. Poor quality parts can work for several days and become unusable, as well as contribute to wear and breakage of the bucket itself. If you want to buy teeth for an excavator from China, then contact the reliable and proven suppliers, such as Casoki.

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