Excavator bucket teeth at competitive prices

In our company, you can always profitably buy the teeth for your excavator, no matter what brands it is. We are a reliable, well-proven supplier of a whole range of equipment and spare parts. So, we offer such wear parts as bucket teeth for excavators and loaders of the Komatsu brand.

Komatsu excavator

Komatsu Group consists of 188 companies, each of which is focused on the production of high-quality equipment and components for the mining industry. Using innovative technologies in production, it is rightfully considered one of the market leaders in the excavator and other construction equipment. So, Komatsu WB97S-5 and Komatsu WB93R-5 backhoe loaders, as well as Komatsu PC300 / LC-8 and Komatsu PC200 / LC-8 crawler excavators are also very popular in the market. Therefore, Casoki would like to offer you a wide range of spare parts, in particular, the teeth on the loader/excavator bucket in from China. If you want you to buy some Komatsu bucket teeth replacement, we are one of your best choice.


What is a bucket tooth? In fact, it is a key element of the bucket, in direct contact with the working surface and undergoing wear. The number of bucket teeth and their appearance depend on the width of the bucket and on the type of work that is performed by this technique. The teeth help reduce the initial entry of the bucket into the material being processed and reduce wear on the cutting edge of the bucket.


Recently, the teeth of excavators have undergone significant changes in terms of design and mounting. If previously used false teeth (representing a single cast part), now the most common forked teeth with a bolt attachment to the cutting edge, as well as crowns, put on the adapter welded to the bucket. This design reduces metal consumption, respectively, and the cost of consumable items.


The teeth are made of wear-resistant steels with enhanced strength characteristics. By analogy with any other spare parts, a tooth for an excavator eventually wears out due to constant impact. When purchasing the teeth, it is important to remember that in order to make sure the equipment can be work as long as possible it is important to use only quality parts supplied by reliable companies.


Of course, there is the restoration of the teeth of the buckets, which is offered by various repair and service organizations. Typically, this method is used surfacing. But it is worth remembering that it is not used for every type of bucket, and certainly not for each brand. Therefore, in most cases, the most optimal method is to replace a worn part with a new one.


At Casoki, you can buy  very good quality bucket teeth on the most favorable terms and conditions for your Komatsu excavator/ loader. Contact us and ask questions about the products you are interested in. Here you will find the widest range of products from the reliable China manufacturers.