The Factors Should Consider before Buying Replacement Bucket Teeth

It is quite crucial for you to use perfect ground engaging tools if you wish to get the most out of your excavator machine and its bucket. You need backhoe bucket teeth which are the most suitable for the application. There are some key factors which you must consider before buying bucket teeth for your excavator machine.

Many people decide to get new buckets when the old one is not performing great. They usually end up by buying buckets equipped with poor quality bucket teeth. You need to compromise with the quality of bucket teeth because the manufacturer does not offer better options. You should consider buying robust replacement bucket teeth instead of buying a new bucket. There are some more such factors you must consider before buying replacement bucket teeth.

excavator with bucket teeth

Construction quality:

The material and construction quality of bucket teeth is an important criterion. These two things determine the strength and wear life of each bucket tooth. Teeth’s design and shape are also important but the construction quality should be awesome. Top manufacturers cast teeth in foundries in order to save cost and prevent pollution. These are the materials used during the casting process and teeth’s moulds that offers a much longer lifespan to the teeth. Heat treatment process also determines how long the bucket teeth will remain sharp and effective. So, pay attention to these important factors while buying new bucket teeth.

Wear life:

You might be ready with your teeth replacement kit in a process of placing an order for new bucket teeth. Have you considered the wear life of the chosen bucket teeth? It can be affected in several different ways depending on the type of materials.  You might need to work on different kinds of ground. Sandy surface will be extremely abrasive and dirt, rock, soil, and other materials can affect wear life according to their quartz content. Teeth can last longer depending wear in the surface. Choose bucket teeth which are designed to deal with all kinds of ground materials. Thus, their wear life will be much longer.

Penetration ability:

When you are using the excavator machine and the amount of surface area of the bucket contacts the ground during this process shows how effective bucket tooth is. Suppose the tooth is wide with blunt surface area, your excavator machine will need to apply additional power for penetration. It will consume more fuel and cause additional stress on other components of the machine. The tooth should be in self-sharpening design so that it can dig and sharpen at the same time.

Along with the above-explained factors, the bucket teeth should be high impact resistant. Bolt on bucket teeth must be durable enough to bear all kinds of shocks so that teeth can be attached to the bucket for a long time. If you find bucket teeth witch all the listed features, you must buy them. This is how you can ensure you will not need to buy a new bucket and only bucket teeth replacement will be enough for continuing your work on the site.