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why should select the right excavator bucket

There are many factors that can help excavator drivers enhance efficiency in their daily work, but the most important factor is the right excavator bucket for the application.

Some excavator drivers always tend to choose to use standard buckets or one same one bucket in all applications. However, this is a negative action, the driver should change it.  For example, using the standard bucket instead of the trenching bucket in trenching or deep digging applications may cause lowered performance. It means that, waste more time and more power.

According to excavator bucket specialists, before choosing the bucket, the driver has to check the application the bucket will use, likes the thickness of the heaviest materials, the devices that can be used, and the easy-to-replace connection system. The driver should also inspect if the selected bucket exceeds the excavator’s ability to run.


Factor 1:  Choose a bucket suit to meet the mining needs

According to specialists, excavators have 3 main types of buckets, trenching, ditching and angle turning buckets.

Trenching buckets make it very easy to dig slim, deep trenches while keeping excellent digging pressures as well as helping the excavator’s quick cycle times. The bucket is made of a wear-resistant material that lowers weight but gives a high-strength side wear plate also a lower wear band for added durability.

The ditching bucket has a shape similar to a standard digging bucket,  however with a bigger, deeper profile for smooth operation in the sand and also clay.  Additionally, the bucket gives optimum convenience in loading materials, grading, backfilling,  cleaning up trenches to enhance water drainage and working on slopes|inclines.

Standard features of the ditching bucket consist of the training eye for raising applications, the bonded side cutter as well as the relatively easy to fix bolt-on reducing} side to smooth the workplace when the work is finished.

Angle tilt buckets are functional and also cost-effective for ending up,  rating and also removing applications. The bucket can be revolved 45  degrees in either instructions facility and also is outfitted with a flexible tilt rate and also an accessory circulation} control shutoff.

” When angled turning the bucket is made use of, the driver can quickly grade or degree the incline of a location without needing to rearrange the excavator regularly, so raising performance,” the specialist stated.

Angle tilt buckets have a range of various other attributes that we can talk about in the future.


We know that it takes too much time to replace the bucket. However, it is worth to change it.  Because it saves time and extends the service time of the bucket.



Factor 2:  Pick a bucket type  which with soil conditions

Contractors have 2 major bucket types to choose from severe-duty buckets or strong buckets.

severe-duty buckets are best matched to excavator driver that |manage abrasives in hefty or severe excavating and vehicle loading applications. The bucket is made of wear-resistant product and gives added defense and power when digging deep into in rock or passage and also quarry procedures. The side cutter of the bucket,  all-time low of the housing, the side wear plates and the bonded wear shield,both of them are constructed from a wear resistant product. Furthermore, the enhanced gussets help to enhance the device joints on the bucket for prolonged uptime.


Heavy-duty buckets are one of the most typical kind of excavator bucket due to the fact that they run well under a range of conditions, such as clay,  crushed rock, sand, silt, and shale. It is made of high-grade, wear-resistant products,  and also the long lasting side cutter offers extra toughness and protection in addition to a bottom wear pad.


extend bucket teeth service life

1 Tips ,extend the bucket teeth service life


The tooth is the terminal of the excavator working device. During the excavation operation, the tooth is the most loaded working part, which is a consumable part, especially in the stone construction environment, the tooth wear speed is extremely fast. The use of the teeth is good or bad, in fact, it can directly affect the work efficiency and production cost of the excavator.

extend bucket teeth service life

When the tip end portion of the tooth is worn more seriously, the force required for the excavator to cut in during the excavation work is inevitably greatly increased, thereby generating greater fuel consumption and affecting work efficiency. Therefore, when it is checked that the tooth loss is serious, it is necessary to replace the new tooth in time.

the excavator teeth use for komatsu

In the daily maintenance work of the excavator, spend 2 minutes a day to check the bucket. The main inspection contents are: the bucket body is worn and cracked. If the degree of wear is serious, reinforcement should be considered. As for the crack of the bucket body, it should be repaired in time to avoid the length of the crack due to delayed maintenance, resulting in unmaintainable conditions. In addition, the bucket teeth should be kicked with the foot to check whether the bucket is stable. If the bucket is loose, it should be tightened immediately. After reinforcement, the service life of the teeth can be extended by nearly 20-30%.
Therefore, checking the teeth every day before starting the excavator helps to avoid the tooth breakage, and also helps to save costs and save time. After cracks are found, in addition to reinforcement, new spare parts should be purchased immediately to prevent quick replacement after breaking.