How a Magnet Generator Works on Excavator

People usually see excavators use a large magnet for scrap metal. In fact, that is not a real magnet, that is a Magnet generator. that is a super magnet with very big power, but no magnets inside. A scrap magnet is an electromagnet that is specially designed with very deep magnetic field for sorting out and transporting metal scraps in a junkyard. It works the same way an ordinary electromagnet works.

The Magnet Generator in the excavator utilizes the hydraulic power available to the excavator. The flow and pressure of hydraulic oil are used to drive the generator to produce electricity, which is then used to produce magnetic power.

Magnet Generators in excavators are now widely used to replace scrap metal magnets that have been relying on electric current from a generator or a permanent source of electricity from buildings using cables, where excavator movements will be disrupted and limited by cables. Meanwhile, by using a magnetic generator on the excavator, the excavator movement becomes more flexible because it does not use cables.