Main Excavator Accessories

  Bucket teeth, side cutters and blade knives are the main working, cutting tool in the construction of excavators, front loaders and bulldozers, through which part of the ground or rock is torn off for subsequent loading or moving. When working construction equipment, the teeth (crowns) and side cutters of the excavator bucket, the blades of the bulldozer blade wear out and fail in the first place, therefore, they are considered to be consumables. Depending on the category of soil or rock, select the type of bucket teeth. The teeth (crowns) of the bucket can be ordinary, in the standard version, can be reinforced – rocky, more powerful in construction and cast from more durable alloys.

Bucket adapters are used to attach different types of teeth to an excavator bucket or front loader. Adapters fail much less frequently than teeth. Their durability mainly depends on the skill of the driver. If the equipment works with hard rocky or frozen soils, the bucket adapters can simply be torn off by carelessness. The teeth (crowns) and side cutters of the bucket, blade knives also perform a kind of protective function, preventing the buckets from wearing out. Therefore, properly selected, with timely technological replacement teeth, adapters, side cutters and knives ensure sufficient performance of construction equipment and prevent the wear of excavator buckets and dumps of bulldozer equipment.

bucket teeth and pin

But as they say, nothing eternal happens, so the excavator bucket eventually wears out and becomes unusable. In this case, there are two options:

– repair of an excavator bucket by local repair service

– buying a new bucket.

In the first case, this is serious welding work with the use of special electrodes and materials. If the excavator bucket will work with rocky soils, it can be strengthened with special linings of high-strength steel. In solving this issue, service engineers of Casoki have sufficient experience.

If you decide to buy a new bucket, then we can offer you both original buckets for Hyundai, Volvo , Doosan excavators, brought from South Korea on an order for your model of equipment, and not original high-quality buckets of other excavators, well-known manufacturers, including domestic production. We can offer you buckets of conventional construction, reinforced rock buckets , ripper bucket for parsing hard rocks and frozen soil, increased buckets for loading loose rocks and bulk materials.