LSX Sand Washer

Long service life, reasonable structure and easy maintenance

ZENITH’s LSX Sand Washer is mainly used for sand processing, electric pole factory, building work site and concrete dam, various sands classifying and dewatering. This sand washer adopts inclination of 15°. Under the water tub, three weir plates form the sediment pool. The screw head is immersed in this pool. The screw is driven by electric motor through reducer rotating continuously. Fresh water is fed from porous plate at bottom of sediment pool. This machine have three functions of washing, dewatering and classifying.

Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble and so on

Product Advantages

  • The sand-washer is of small investment and low power consumption. So the production cost can be saved a lot.
  • The LSX Sand Washer possesses washing, dewatering and grading functions. So, it can bring high capacity and cleanliness of sand.
  • ZENITH has dozens of CNC machine production lines. Our sand washers are made of high-grade materials. So, they have a long service life.
  • The water consumption is low and the operating noise is small which meet the national environmental protection standards.


Model Splral diameter (mm) Tank length (mm) Number of splral Maximum feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Water consumption (t/h) Speed (r/min) Power (kW) Overall dimension (mm)
LSX920 920 7585 1 ≤10 100 10-80 21 11 8420×2180×3960
2LSX920 920 7580 2 ≤10 200 20-160 21 11×2 8420×3970×3960
LSX1120 1120 9750 1 ≤10 175 20-150 17 18.5 10770×3950×4860
2LSX1120 1120 9750 2 ≤10 350 40-300 17 18.5×2 10770×5260×4860